Rochester Church of Nazarene

Church Services

Rochester Church of Nazarene encourages devotees to get closer to God and to share their faith. We believe that the best way to nourish your spiritual life is to share your faith to other people and to learn more about the word of God. The church has different activities not just for adults but even for younger kids.

Every weekend, we have the Sunday School where you can interact with other people who share the same faith. There are various activities in store for you to learn more about the word of God and to further nourish your spiritual journey. Whether in a small or a large group, Sunday School is for everyone, from young kids to adults.

At the Rochester Church of Nazarene, you have a solemn place where you can worship. With the church offering serenity and tranquility, you get to be in one with God whenever you pray or whenever you do your offering. This is one of the best places where people gather to worship God and to pray.

To nourish your spiritual life, you need to constantly read the Bible. This is where you can find the word of God. We have Bible studies where you get to hear the word of God. Be enlightened with the wonders, promises and every detail that you can find in the Holy Bible. Through Bible studies, you get to learn more not just about your own spiritual journey but as well as how you can follow in His steps.

Both young kids and adults can find solemnity, serenity and peace inside the Church. Be in one with God when you pray and give your worship. Help spread the word of God.

Sunday School 9:30 AM
Sunday Services
Worship 10:30 AM
Worship 6:00 PM
Wednesday Bible study and children’s programs 7:00 PM

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